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Chappy Wrap

Chappywrap Blanket

Chappywrap Blanket

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Years ago, our family owned a cozy, reversible, extra-large, cotton-blend blanket woven with a lamb design. It was so well-loved that it became vital to our family and home. When we weren’t feeling well, it was the only blanket that always made us feel better. We curled up with it (and fought over it!), finding comfort in it daily. The original lamb blanket became something of a family heirloom. But when we wanted to buy a similar blanket, we couldn’t find a single one that even came close to our first blanket’s warmth, size and durability. Everything out there lacked the quality of the original—so we decided to create our own. We set out on a mission to produce high-quality blankets made from a plush, natural-cotton blend and high-performance fibers, versus those constructed solely of synthetic fibers like polyester or polar fleece. Our quest for perfection led us to factories in Germany and Poland, both known for heirloom-quality products (they hand-inspect each blanket before it ships!). And that's where ChappyWrap’s unique jacquard designs are woven today. Founded in 2006, ChappyWrap is run by a mother-daughter duo, with Chappy team members based all over the U.S. When people ask us why we do what we do, our answer is simple: We want to spread comfort to everyone, everywhere with the world’s best blankets. Our team is grateful and honored to be a part of your everyday lives. Because as we like to say, when you have a ChappyWrap, no matter where you are - you're home.


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